[ltp] Trying to get Suspend to RAM working on an X31

John Magolske linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 14 Oct 2014 17:59:59 -0700

* Richard Neill <rn214@richardneill.org> [141009 09:58]:
> Can I suggest that you try a selection of distros with live USB keys,
> and see whether any of them work from the USB key?
> This is also a very quick way you could try to search through
> historical distros as well as the most modern ones.

Interesting idea... from my readings across the net, at one point in
history it appears the X31 did successfully suspend & resume under
Linux. Maybe some distant kernel/driver combo? I read somewhere that
the X31 requires all USB devices to be unmounted (& maybe unplugged)
when doing a suspend/resume. There are some live CD/USB distros that
load everything to RAM allowing the USB drive to be unplugged, maybe
I'll take a look at some of those.

> Lastly, I recall that for some generations of thinkpad hardware, in about
> that era, there were two ways to get suspend, one of which used APM and the
> other ACPI. You might wish to try both.  [However, this is a distant memory;
> it may be unreliable!!]

I did try passing acpi=off to the kernel, which if I understand
correctly will activate APM, but this had no effect.

> One final thing: it's not always clear whether the X-server and GPU are
> crashed while the kernel is alive. When the machine is non-responsive, can
> you at least ping it? Debugging sleep scripts is much easier over SSH
> (especially if you configure a static IP with wired ethernet: your SSH
> connection should survive a sleep/wake cycle if it is quick enough).

I haven't tried pinging / debugging over SSH yet...it's on my todo
list (only have bits of time here & there to tinker with this).



John Magolske