[ltp] X1 carbon 2015 can't resume from suspend

Philipp Hachtmann linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 29 Nov 2015 18:39:29 +0100

Hi folks,

I really tried and searched before writing this. I have found many similar 
topics but nothing lead me the right way.

I have a Thinkpad X1 carbon, brand new. I'm running the latest vanilla Kernel on 
it. The notebook runs nicely, I have the GPS modem, wifi and everything working. 
But when it comes to suspending the system, I have no luck.

Setting the system to suspend using "echo mem > /proc/power/state" seems to 
suspend the system. At least it stops talking on the ethernet, switches off the 
screen, and the power button light is doing a slow and soft blinking.
That's all. I am completely unable to get the computer awake again. Power 
button, wild fn+something combinations, closing and opening the lid, connecting 
and disconnecting power: Nothing helps. I have to turn off the computer by 
holding the power button.

Downgrading to kernel 4.2.0 did not change anything BTW.

I completely threw out all graphics drivers from the kernel, system running in 
text only mode.

I further got a BIOS update from Lenovo. The version is now 1.11

The computer's model name is 20BS.

It's really really annoying :-(

Does anyone has tips for me? Is my laptop broken? Did I forget something 

Kind regards



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