[ltp] Error 2100 - SSD in good health, but not booting into laptop

Christoph Schmees linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 3 Jan 2017 17:27:34 +0100

Am 03.01.2017 um 16:39 schrieb Fen Labalme:
> (Apologies: this is a slightly modified cross post from
> forums.lenovo.com <http://forums.lenovo.com> - I'm thinking I might
> get a quicker/better answer here...)
> I have a T530 with Samsung 840 EVO SSD running Arch Linux. Been
> running fine (for three years) then just wouldn't boot. Got the
> "2100: Detection error" screen of death but the drive passes Lenovo
> diagnostics (all SMART tests, etc.). With an Arch or Ubuntu Live CD
> it boots and I can mount the SSD (and made a full backup). I
> reformatted the SSD and put a fresh OS on it, but it still drops
> right into the boot menu like it doesn't see the bootable HDD at all.
> I guess it could be a disk issue even though it passes all tests and
> reads/writes fine, but with the OEM mechanical disk, the system
> boots up normally. Crazy!
> I'm thinking it may be a motherboard/firmware issue between the SSD
> (which worked fine for years) and the T530, but how does one track
> this down?
> The T530 is out of warranty, and Lenovo support told me I can send
> it in with $650 pre-pay for service. But since it works with another
> disk, I fear they'll just say "works for me" and return it. If I buy
> a new SSD and it still doesn't work (proving it's a Lenovo
> hardware/firmware issue) I'm out the cost of the SSD (as I will have
> had to break the seal on the box to test). And Lenovo still might
> not see the issue should I send it in.
> The laptop is in great shape otherwise, mostly used as a desktop for
> my work (it travels rarely and safely in a good case). Is three
> years the lifetime for a Lenovo T-series? 

about the x30 series I don't know. Elder models expect lifetimes of
at least ten years. My eldest machine is a t40p, still in operation
w/ linux mint.

about your SSD, I guess it is gone. I for one would boot w/ a live
linux w/ gsmart or the like and give the SSD a thorough examination.


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